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  1. Anyone who wants to learn music in a flexible, stress-free way. You can tailor your experience to include online and offline self-paced learning.
  2. Anyone who is looking to hone their musical skills. Our teachers and courses can help you develop your technical, performance, musicianship and theory skills.
  3. Anyone who wants to gain an accredited qualification which they can use to pursue a career in music. 

Recognised Courses​​

Our courses and exams are created by industry experts and accredited by the National and European Qualifications Framework. They are globally recognised and can help you when looking for a job in the music industry.

Flexible Learning

Whether you are using our online courses or using our graded books with your own teacher, you can create a learning journey that suits you and that develops at your pace.

Learn from the Pros

Our course writers and tutors are qualified, highly experienced professionals who know the skills necessary to become a great musician. Our course materials have been accredited by the UK Government for their quality and standards.

We’re on a mission to make music education accessible to all, empowering every learner to fulfill their potential, unrestricted by financial or geographical constraints.

What Our Students Say

Finally, a grade syllabus worth studying. Orange ticks all the boxes here and have created a methodical and practical approach that guitarists can use in the real world, no need for separate theory books as they have it covered. As a teacher this is awesome.


When I picked up my Orange Crush Mini and saw the sticker about a free guitar course, I thought, “Oh, that’s cool, probably a few chords and videos maybe?” Little did I know you were offering a legit, well-done, musically serious effort! Bravo and thanks so much for the inspiring work.


I bought a guitar years ago, but never got very far – I’d end up just strumming a few chords before putting it down again. I just finished your Foundation Course and am now actually playing songs! Thanks so much, Sergio you’re a great teacher :)