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Whether you are looking to become a star, sing with confidence in a choir, teach singing as a career or just sing for fun, our accredited performance exams syllabus and teachers are here to help!


We want to help you reach your potential as a singer and gain a recognised qualification along the way. By following the Orange vocal performance syllabus either on your own, with an Orange teacher, or a private tutor, you will gain the skills required to take you step-by-step from beginner to pro and have the opportunity to gain a globally recognised vocal qualification at each stage of your journey.

Our Vocal Performance Exams

How it Works

Following the syllabus will prepare you for the exams – Debut through to Grade 8. Each Grade consists of introducing and performing a set number of free-choice songs. The Debut exam consists of performing three songs, you will need to perform four songs for Grades 1-5 and five songs for Grades 6-8. All exams are taken online.

Step 1

Download the digital syllabus for free or buy a physical copy

Step 2

Learn your chosen songs on your own, or with a teacher

Step 3

Take your exam online when you are ready


Freedom to choose songs

Choose from our song list or any song you wish fitting our parameter guidelines. From Grade 6 you can even sing your own compositions.

Prepares you for the real stage

Introducing the song to an audience before you sing is a key part of any performance so it is included in our syllabus and exam.

Credits on RQF & EQF

Recognised as qualifications within the UK and EU which can help gain access to higher education and/or a career in the music industry.

A modern approach to exams

Exams are taken online anytime and anywhere using your computer rather than visiting an examination centre. Results are typically delivered within 48 hours.

Professional advice

Feedback is given by a professional singer and instrument-specific examiner.

Tutor Support

After downloading our syllabus we will contact you to offer professional support from our teacher network.

Learn your way

Choose to follow the syllabus by yourself, with your own private teacher or a teacher via our accredited network.

Professional teachers

All teachers have had a minimum of 5 years experience teaching vocals.


Whether you want to learn independently or with a tutor, we’re here to answer any questions you may have and to help you find a teacher that’s right for you.

Online Vocal Course
Coming Soon!

We will be launching our online vocal course soon to give you extra support on your musical journey with a world-class vocal coach!