Frequently Asked Questions

Where do i get the backing tracks for the songs and solos in the books?

Backing tracks can be found in your account area. You will need to be logged in to gain access.

will you be offering courses in more instruments?

Yes, we’re working on new courses all the time and aim to branch out into more instruments soon! 

do i have to take the exams?

No. Our courses have been created within a structured progressive framework to give students the opportunity to take an exam upon completion and gain a recognised qualification.  The exams are not compulsory but can be valuable for receiving feedback, going into higher education and/or getting a job in the music industry.  And, who doesn’t like a certificate . . .

what's the difference between a syllabus and an exam book?

A syllabus gives you all the information you need to know about what’s in your exam, how your exam is marked, what qualifications are offered and how to take your exam.  An exam book contains the exam materials you will need to learn for your exam and is material that has been taken from your course.

can i book a one-to-one lesson online?

Yes, we offer one-to-one online Guitar lessons with our partner: and one-to-one online vocal lessons with our partner LMAT:

For more help, please contact

how do i take an exam?

When you’re ready to take your exam, go to: and buy your chosen exam. As long as you have an internet connection, you can start your exam straight away! For more information, please check out:

who are online music exams?

Online Music Exams are an edu-tech platform that facilitates music exams and assessments online.  To find out more:

can i take my exam on my phone?

Currently the vocal performance exams can be taken on your mobile phone either by live video performances or uploading pre-recorded recordings. The performance modules for the guitar exams can also be taken on your mobile phone, however, some modules (such as sight-reading or aural) must be taken on a laptop or computer due to these needing the examiner assistant SARA to give you questions.

what qualifications do orange offer?

Our exams are officially recognised on the National Qualifications Framework and the European Qualifications Framework and are registered with OFQUAL.  For more information on our qualifications please see here:

are the qualifications recognised?

Yes, our qualifications are recognised worldwide.

what can i do with these qualifications?

Orange Learn qualifications can help you achieve a personal goal, but they can also open doors for: Studying music at conservatoires and universities, where Grade 8 / Level 3 is often required for entry, or getting a job in the music industry.

can I view my course on my mobile phone?

Yes absolutely!