Accredited Online Guitar Courses

Passionate about your potential

Are you tired of not knowing where to start when it comes to learning how to play the guitar, or you’ve been learning for a while and never seem to progress further? 


Orange Learn is a platform designed for players like you. We offer high-quality courses created by industry experts and accredited by the UK Government, taking you from a beginner to a pro!  Our accredited step-by-step video tutorials, books and qualifications aim to give you the best opportunity to go as far as you want to go on your musical journey.

Our flexible learning methods means that you can learn in a way that suits you.


with one of our online courses

With a teacher

with one of our graded method books

Guitar Syllabus

download your free syllabus here

We are passionate about your potential which is why our courses focus not only on performing pieces, but also technique, musicianship skills (such as sight-reading and improvisation), listening skills and theory!  We want to offer you training in all the skills you need to know to become a well-rounded musician and most importantly to have fun whilst you master your instrument.

Which option is for me?

Online Graded Courses

Including Digital Graded Book

Whether you’re looking for help in learning materials from our graded books, or are looking for a more in-depth guide to music theory and technique, we’ve got you covered! Each online graded course contains two courses: 

  • 1 Graded Book Course (video lessons to support materials in the associated graded book, with a focus on technical exercises, songs and solos).
  • 1 Original Rock Guitar Course (Foundation, Intermediate or Advanced course – which focus more on music theory, further technique, aural exercises and tips on how to sight-read and improvise).


  • Video lessons to support graded books
  • 1 Original Rock Guitar Course (Foundation, Intermediate or Advanced, depending on grade level)
  • Backing tracks for songs and solos
  • Digital graded book
  • Exam syllabus 
  • One-to-one communication with a teacher for advice

Graded Books

This option is best for those who prefer to study either by themselves or with their own teacher.  

How Our Qualifications Help You

Are you an aspiring musician? We want to help you succeed in your education and further your career.

Orange Learn qualifications can help you achieve a personal goal, but they can also open doors for: Studying music at conservatoires and universities, where Grade 8 / Level 3 is often required for entry, or getting a job in music.

We support and champion any students pursuing a career as a professional musician, which is why we are also building relationships with further educational establishments such as The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP), a music college in the heart of London that can assist you beyond Orange Learn in achieving your musical goals.

If you’re a further educational establishment (FEE) and are interested to know more, please contact: