Accredited Online Exams

Do you like to learn via a structured approach with qualifications at the end, or do you just want to know that you are learning the right information and not missing anything? 

Well, our courses have been fully accredited in the UK and EU, accreditations that are recognised and comparable globally. 

The certified standards gained from our courses can help you to continue your education in music, get a career in the music industry or even pursue a career in music teaching.

Getting a qualification in the instrument you love, from home, is now possible!

Exams can be taken online anytime and anywhere.

You will need

A computer or laptop

not compatible with tablets or mobile phones

Stable wi-fi or ethernet

for best results


built in camera or external HD camera with microphone


Any speaker system that you can hear comfortably (not available for headphones)

Our Exams are assessed by instrument specific examiners who are trained by Online Music Exams and moderated externally by The Learning Machine (TLM) – our awarding organisation.

To get your qualification, simply take a course online or study with your own teacher using one of our graded books. When you are ready, you can take the final assessment online with our partners Online Music Exams. 

We support and champion any students pursuing a career as a professional musician, which is why we are also building relationships with further educational establishments such as The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP), a music college in the heart of London that can assist you beyond Orange Learn in achieving your musical goals.

If you’re a further educational establishment (FEE) and are interested to know more, please contact: